22 April 2008

Happy Earth Day

hankies on the laundry line
Originally uploaded by allisongryski

Things I do, that you can too:

  • use hankies rather than paper tissues
  • use cloth napkins
  • don't own a car, walk and use public transportation
  • don't own a dryer, hang all our laundry to dry
  • plant a balcony garden with some veggies
  • shop at the farmer's market
  • buy free-range eggs
  • make most of our bread and pasta by hand
  • don't drink bottled water
  • use vegetable trimmings and bones to make soup stock
  • preserve seasonal fruits/veggies
  • use cloth grocery totes
  • buy second-hand (clothes and furniture are obvious things to consider second-hand)
  • learn how to sew and repair or re-purpose things
  • in summer, only use the AC when it's absolutely sweltering and sleep wouldn't otherwise be possible
  • in winter, keep all heat off except kitchen, bathroom, office (and turn down at night)

Those last two mainly revolve around accepting that it's silly to expect to always be at some optimally comfortable temperature. In the winter, I wear more cozy things and expect that I will be a bit chilly and need to drink more tea and hot chocolate. In the summer, I wear light, breathable fabrics, and expect that I will be hotter and need to drink more water.

What do you do?