20 April 2008

What? Huh? Spring?

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In typical Montreal style, we've skipped spring in favour of glorious summer. The trees, still lacking any foliage, would disagree with me. They are just decorated with little bobbles at the moment. But I went on my first picnic of the year, yesterday afternoon. The first of many I hope.

We prepped some strawberries and lemon drizzled apple slices at home. Then, lugging a picnic blanket, books, frisbee, and juice, we walked over to Le Fromentier, a delicious boulangerie/fromagerie where we bought some ficelle au fromage, baguette, and for cheese, some morbier and a local ooey-gooey chèvre (for which I foolishly did not get the name). We then headed to the park and set up a spot. The books and frisbee remained untouched in favour of basking in the sun and munching on yummy things (yeah, I know, not a beautifully styled photo that last one, but I was too busy enjoying the picnic to bother). We spent two hours snacking, and chatting, and basking, and people-watching. Oh how I love Montreal.


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