16 April 2008

When do you send cards?

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It's time for a new poll... and this one is all about when you usually send cards. The most common events that I send cards for are birthdays, Christmas/winter solstice, and thank you notes. I think the latter has rather gone out of fashion. It's particularly important for me since my family lives far away so my presents usually come by mail. A thank you note both acknowledges receipt and lets the givers know that I appreciated their thoughtfulness. I always have a stash of blank non-occasion-specific cards for sending thank you notes. I don't like the cards to be too big, since if I want to write a letter, I will do so on paper. This is one reason that I chose to make 4.25x5.5" cards. They're just right for a short little note to accompany your thanks, birthday greetings, or whatever.

Please take the poll in the sidebar and leave me a comment with any other occasions that you give cards (e.g. anniversary, valentine's day, other winter holiday, get well soon, just to say "thinking of you", etc).


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

In the poll, for occasions to send cards, besides all the ones listed, I also selected "other".

I like sending cards to friends as a boost if I know they're going through a difficult time or because I've been neglectful about staying in touch.

Sometimes a card is just 'too funny' not to send, as a laugh. Or too too charming to pass up!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I chose other because I only ever give cards for weddings.
I prefer to send online cards because it is more environmentally-friendly.

Robin said... Best Blogger Tips

I love to send cute little nonsense cards to my goddaughter because she is 11 and loves getting mail (who didn't love to get mail as a kid -- it's so "grown up"?). I also like to send cards to cheer friends up - it's nice as an adult to get something other than bills in the mail.

Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Sorry in advance if this is TMI: My father is terminally ill, and so for the past few years it's been *really* *really* hard to buy him a birthday card, because most commercial birthday cards are totally innapropriate for an elderly, dying person. So these days I end up buying blank cards - and even then it's hard to find nice ones that aren't in the 'cute puppy' or 'naked baby' category.

Also, I try hard to remember to send my friends birthday cards, but I'm chronically disorganised, so I like to try to keep a stock of generic Birthday cards that I can send to anyone, male or female, young or old...