15 May 2008

Draw yourself as you were

age 16
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Recently, there was a challenge to draw your teenage self and then draw yourself as you are now. I did sketches of myself at 14, 16, and 28. It's a mix of embarrassing, amusing, nostalgic, and fun.

Self-portraits are always tricky. There's the difficulty of getting it to look like what you recognize as "you". And then there's also how much to put in of the things that you admire or despise about yourself. Pretty much no one but you notices most of those little details, but they're part of your self-identity and translating that onto paper is a challenge. I hope that some of you try this out, even if you keep the results to yourself.


Angie said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks so much for sharing this. I've been trying to write about different periods of my life, but sometimes get bogged down in pains and regrets.
I think drawing may just be a way to focus on how my own identity has changed over time, without focusing on the emotional "drama".
Thanks again.