16 June 2008

Scrap craftiness

Pretty thing
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What do you do with a box of fabric scraps? In cutting out squares for my picnic quilt, I've been generating a lot of even smaller scraps of fabric. I thought I might play around with making a mini-quilt. In between seeing a number of Fringe shows, I cut out lots of little two-and-a-quarter inch squares. I wasn't sure if it was going to be card-sized, or napkin-sized, or the size of one my quilt back squares. It ended up being a bit smaller than the latter because my seams were a little bigger than 1/8", so I think I'll make it into a cushion cover. I will probably leave it hanging on the cupboard in my studio for a little longer though, because it makes me smile.

If you click-through on the Pretty Thing photo, I've added notes for where I got some of the fabrics. The unlabelled patterns were all from my stash. Everything else I either found at a thrift store or it was given to me to use in the quilt.

What have you made with scraps? Be they paper, yarn, fabric, or something else. I'd love to see how others are recycling their little bits and pieces.


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

That's really, really lovely!

Angie said... Best Blogger Tips

How about backing it with terry for a matching picnic towel/placemat for your picnic basket?

I've been collecting my scraps for little freebies for my ATC card swap hosts and others I trade with. The small size of ATCs lends themselves well to even the smallest of scraps. I just keep a small baggie handy when I'm sewing and put my scraps right into it instead of the waste-basket.