08 July 2008

crispy new shoots not so crisp when shot

young garlic
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In addition to the boatload of strawberries, we bought some beautiful young garlic from the market on the weekend. Yesterday, I snapped a few pictures of it on the coffee table. While I quite like how the picture looks small, the full size isn't perfectly crisp. I have muddled along without a tripod so far by leaning on chairs, resting on tables, and waiting for the brightest bit of a sunny day. But even though I did two out of the three for this photo, it's still slightly soft in the original size.

I would like to find myself a tripod that is a) inexpensive, and b) allows me to shoot straight down like this. I'm not sure if b) is going to be tricky or not. The only sort of tripod I've used in the past was built such that this would basically be impossible. A copy stand is the tool I know of for shooting straight down at a flat surface, but I'd rather something more versatile so I can shoot on different surfaces. Some research is in order, but any pointers in the right direction would be most appreciated.


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

In terms of versatility, I've used one of the mini-tripods with bendy legs. I've done things like bend all three legs into a "hook" shape, hooked it over the top of a chair or some such, and then held/steadied the "hook" with my hand. It's not perfect, obviously, but you get a lot less camera shake than hand-held.