29 July 2008

Designing the Picnic Quilt

filling in randomly
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I started laying out my quilt!

While this is very exciting, it's also a lot more work than I realised. Much of it is turning around bent over trying to figure out where to put a square (and subsequently needing to take breaks when I get dizzy). Having something look artistically random is much harder than just making something statistically random. The human eye is so darn good at spotting patterns and groupings of similar things that it kind of spoils that random appearance.

To make matters worse, once I started laying it out, I got another idea. Barbara asked me on the weekend if I was planning to do a 9-patch type of pattern and I said no, I was going for random. But once I saw all the 38 (!) different fabrics separately as opposed to in the square tower, I thought that maybe doing blocks would look nice. To match the block size of the back, I'm thinking blocks of 16 selected by common colours in the fabrics. So I plan to lay the quilt out a second time and pick the one I like better. Who me? Make my life more difficult.... Never!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Laying out quilt squares... something I learned at a retreat was to tape up a 'design wall'. You can use a flannel sheet or the fuzzy underside of an old mattress cover. Something with nap to 'grab' the fabric.

Then you can layout the pieces on the wall and stand back to look at it. A straight pin pushed down, parallel through the fabric to hold it, works to stabilize squares that want to fall off.

It is also better to view the design from looking straight on instead of down. Saves bending and having to pick everything up later!

;) ---Paphos