14 July 2008

Fabric folly

reprodepot fabrics
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I'm not sure when this blog turned into fabric porn, but I just can't resist taking pictures of stacks of pretty fabric. I also can't seem to resist buying it, more's the pity. (The full extent of said lack of will power will become clear when I receive and photograph a certain package that's in the post). I got the 4 remnants above from the Reprodepot table at the Pomme-Pomme craft/zine fair this past Saturday. My favourite is the top one with snails and pea pods.

The space for the fair at La Sala Rossa was unfortunately muggy and crowded. After a quick once-around and a good rummage through the fabrics, my friend Taylor and I left in search of ice cream. We found ourselves some AC and inspiration at the nearby Au Papier Japonais first, then stopped by Local23, an excellent consignment/vintage clothing shop that was new to me. Then we wended our way back towards Le Patio (where I had a refreshing Guava-Grapefruit sorbet) and met up with my sweetie. The three of us finished off the lovely afternoon by having a picnic in Parc Lafontaine. There were further picnic and park lounging plans for Sunday, but the weather gods weren't having it and it poured rain all day.

In other fabric-stacking news, here's a picture of my quilt-squares-so-far. It actually looks less impressive in the picture than the square of paper on top with 410 written on it suggests it should.

That means the stack on the right has 410 squares. The stack on the left is the 16.5" squares for the back, of which I have 31/42. And if that wasn't enough fabric for one day, here's a picture of one of my favourite thrift-store sheet finds. This is actually the first one that I bought for the quilt.