02 July 2008

How to get inspired

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A friend asked for some ideas and strategies for getting inspired. I thought that my response might be useful to others too.

This list is always good for a start: 100 ideas.

Go for a walk with a camera in your neighbourhood and really SEE things. Find details that you don't normally notice.

Choose a theme and create things in different mediums that fit with the theme. Themes can be as simple as colours, words, things, emotions, events. The ECIAD portfolio requirements has some interesting theme suggestions.

Try a new medium or a new method that you haven't used before.

Try drawing with your non-dominant hand.

Do art projects that you did as a kid and see where it takes you (e.g. blowing paint with a straw, potato stamping, macaroni art, paper dolls, snowflakes, etc).

Sometimes getting inspired just requires looking at things a little differently from normal.