10 July 2008

The "I might as well" danger

fabric remnants
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My stacks of quilt squares are starting to reach teetering heights. I have 405 (of 672) small squares done and 31 (of 42) large squares. I just cut up some pretty ones from a selection of fabric remnants that I bought from the fabric shop around the corner. I just popped in to savour their AC on a sweltering day. I thought I was safe. I didn't have my wallet with me. But then I dug through the remnant bin and found pretty things and learned that they'd happily set them aside for me to come back for later. oops. Well at least this little fan of fabrics only cost a few dollars. It's much less dangerous than my browsing of online fabric shops. I may go ahead and make an order because I really would like my quilt to have a cherry print and I've never seen one here (and it seems an unlikely pattern for thrift store sheets). The problem is that then I think well as long as I'm making an order and paying for shipping ... .