16 July 2008

Revising grandiose plans

too big
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In my enthusiasm to start sewing the back of my quilt, I cut out a bunch more large squares yesterday. Today I was still a few short, but decided to lay it out anyhow. I shoved all the living/dining room furniture out of the way. As you can see... it's still too immense. I couldn't even fit it in the picture. I realised that this would just be unmanageably big. I had picked the size by finding a quilting page that talked about standard quilt sizes and I went for the Queen size. Yipes... the measurements never really translated to my mind's eye. So I've decided to scale back a bit to this (5x6):

I may still cut out some more big squares to combine with my spare squares and make a second smaller quilt, but for now, they'll just get folded up and stashed. I really need to figure out a better fabric storage system since the milk crate that I tuck under my sewing desk is starting to overflow.


Barbara Prime said... Best Blogger Tips

Does this smaller size mean you now have enough of the little squares to make the front?

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

Not quite yet, but it's much closer. I think what it may mean though is that I am much choosier about using some of the thinner bits of vintage material. I might double it up, or cull some of it.