28 July 2008

Summer weekend

girl's night print
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I hope everyone had a glorious weekend. Mine included these moments:
  • read in the park with my sweetie while we munched on graham crackers (oh how I look forward to the picnic quilt which will be much more comfortable than our dollar store tablecloth)
  • took the last bite of an ice cream cone just before the first crack of thunder
  • cut out some more squares for my picnic quilt (crossed the 500 mark)
  • had a nostalgic sleepover party with 4 of my girlfriends (we made pizza and chocolate gelato from scratch, played a cheesy 80s boardgame and watched a cheesy 80s movie)
  • lainevierge gave us matching girl's night prints that she found at the Fringe bazaar (they come from Witty Workshop)
  • made pancakes for breakfast
  • played scrabble in the park with Barbara
  • went to bed far too late on Saturday and consequently very early on Sunday

state of the stack of squares
Originally uploaded by allisongryski


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Sounds like a perfect weekend!!