12 July 2008

Tart and refreshing

homemade limeade
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The limes were outrageously cheap at the market, so a batch of homemade limeade seemed in order. I looked for a recipe online but everything seemed too sweet. I like my limeade tart and refreshing, so here's my method (which can be scaled as necessary):

In a pot, combine:
1c sugar
1c water

Heat while stirring until all the sugar dissolves (it should go clear). You'll end up with about 1 1/4 c of simple syrup.

To make your limeade:
1 c fresh lime juice (6-9 limes depending on juiciness)
1 c syrup
4 c water

Chill and serve with ice and mint sprigs. I froze my extra syrup in ice cubes for use later. I've heard some grated ginger is a yummy addition, but I haven't tried it.

I also made some wholewheat pizza dough and whipped up some delicious pizza with red onion, mushrooms, parmigiano-reggiano, wild roquette, tomatoes, bocconcini, and fresh ground pepper.