25 July 2008

weed patch progress

My little weed patch has made some nice progress, but oh how I wish I'd taken a "before" picture when it was overgrown with scraggly grasses, clover, and weeds. My ground covers are spreading out nicely as you can see from this animated gif that I made (and you can see that I took one of the pics before weeding it...)


Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

very very cute. I hope you keep it going (the photos, i have complete faith in the gardening)

Have you looked at gorilla gardening at all? seems very much like what you're doing now :)

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Good comment, Blaise. I gave Allison a lot of poppy seeds and I think she did scatter them somewhere.

Guerrilla gardening is great fun in cities with waste spots! I am looking for somewhere to plant an oak tree seedling!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Allison!
I'm just stopping by to visit you and your blog and I had a great time... thank you for sharing and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!