30 October 2008

Cube Unit 540: Office supplies and Pictures

(Part 3 in a series)

Through the kind offices (heh.) of a car-enabled friend, i was able to visit
Home Depot and IKEA all in one evening.

My shopping list was:
3 plants (a bamboo, a fern, and something else) from home depot
little cherry blossom lamp from ikea
fira tabletop drawers from ikea
plant holders/saucers as necessary from ikea
basket from ikea

I found just about everything I was looking for, though IKEA was out of the basket that I had in mind. Choosing plants was more tricky than I expected. Not only because home depot employees seem to avoid the plant area like the plague. We ended up commandeering one of the rolling ladders and fetching down the fern ourselves. The potted bamboo they had was rather ugly. Instead, I just bought 3 individual stalks. At home, I tied them together with some jute twine and potted it up myself with some dollar store river pebbles and a pot from IKEA. In retrospect, the third plant I chose wasn't really ideal for where I intended it to go. I wanted something for my shelf and I think I should have chosen an ivy, but I got some other leafy upright plant. I think I will place it by my cupboard instead.

While I've taken a couple things to work (the bamboo and small lamp), transporting the larger items (especially the fern) is not going to be very feasible on the busy morning metro, so I may have to take a taxi.

I still need to select which pictures I want printed and get that done. So here's the potentially fun part of this post. Which of these pictures should I choose? Please vote in the poll in the sidebar!

For the 3 pictures along the back of my cube:
a) 3 b&w (mixed)

3 b&w
Originally uploaded by allisongryski

b) 3 colour (pagodas)

3 pagodas
Originally uploaded by allisongryski

c) 3 colour (stones)

3 stones
Originally uploaded by allisongryski

For the one picture under my shelf (obviously not to duplicate one of the above set):

pagoda d
Originally uploaded by allisongryski


pagoda e
Originally uploaded by allisongryski


pagoda f
Originally uploaded by allisongryski


pagoda g
Originally uploaded by allisongryski


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

My favourite for the large photo is one of the 'stones' pictures. Really zen. But since you wanted something different for the stand alone I chose my favourite pagoda piccy. I like the trio of stones, too much to choose something else!

I used 'my favourite' photo for wallpaper on the computer at work. When I am logged in, that's when it shows. Lots of compliments, btw.

--Paphos (LJ returns "bad request" when I try to use the identity here).

Angie said... Best Blogger Tips

First, thank you for posting about this project. It's very inspiring. I may just have to do my office.

My votes for the photos goes to the C)trio of stone pics and F) the pagoda with the weeping willow(cherry). I love that cascade of green.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I hope another in this inspiring series is coming soon!

I think so many of us live our work lives in sterile offices/cubicles. It's great to see someone being so creative about their work space!