04 November 2008

Cube Unit 540: Picture hanging on flimsy walls

(Part 4 in a series)

3 b&w
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So I picked the 3 black and white and the first pagoda picture (d) since that was my initial instinct. I got them printed this weekend and "framed" and hung them up today. Since I couldn't possibly hang real frames on my cube's fabric walls, I came up with an ingenious alternative with the help of a salesgirl at the Omer de Serres. I had found some Elite Frameless Frames (the 8x10 for a 5x7 photo size), but wasn't sure how to attach them to my flimsy walls. She suggested some adhesive hangers. And because the Interior Decorating Gods were thinking of me, I got the mistake package that had an extra one in it! Since the end result is not very heavy, I just hung them up with a thumbtack and now I have properly framed looking photos. I promise to post pictures when my whole cube re-do is finished.

I think I'll eventually get the 3 stones and the pagoda picture (f) printed and then I can switch between them for a change every now and then. The observant amongst you will remember that there were actually FIVE pictures shown in my cube layout.

Cube Layout Plan
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The one above my light, to the right side of my computer, is a picture of my sweetie that I took in Stanley Park when we were in Vancouver in August. It makes me smile every time I glance at it.


Blaise said... Best Blogger Tips

i was a little annoyed when I was told by our landlords that they had a strict no holes in walls policy, even for little hanging nails, but she pointed us to the adhesive hooks that are very common here. We bought 3 for the bathroom and I have to say i'm quite impressed so far. Bought the 3M ones in particular and they hold up bathrobes no problem. yay!