19 November 2008

Duckies for baby fuzzymitten

for baby fuzzymitten
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A couple weekends ago was my friend fuzzymitten's baby shower. We made cupcakes and ate cupcakes. We're all looking forward to meeting her little one when he arrives in January. Since babies tend to be a bit messy, I made this padded burp/mess cloth with duckies on one side and blue polkadots on the other (and some towelling sandwiched in between). Sewing together three bulky layers was trickier than I realised (and something I'll have to do on a much larger scale eventually with my quilt), so the first time I unpicked half of it and started over.

duckie stitch
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I used a special duckie cam that I borrowed from my mom to embroider a row of ducks across the cloth. It's not very obvious unless you look really closely, but the thought was cute.

duckies and dots
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In any case, I hope it turns out to be useful. So you see, I do manage to get the occasional bit of sewing done. I just hope I just figure out where to find some more reserves of energy to do it more often.


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the fabric design. A great little gift. Btw, sewing a padded layered item needs a "walking foot".

Maybe the Christmas fairy will think of dropping one off under the Solstice evergreen, *grin*.

Barbara Prime said... Best Blogger Tips

It will definitely be useful! Thanks again :) I have trouble finding energy for everything I need to do these days, and time is running short! Although, most days I'm glad the end is getting near.