13 January 2009

Finished a project!

cozy and complete
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I have so many things to post about but not enough time to write them up! First up, the most recent and fun... after 3 years of sporadic work, I've finally finished my first crochet project. It's an afghan. I think I should have picked something less ambitious as by the end, it would take me through watching an entire movie to do just one round. Being overly ambitious seems to characterize many of my first projects (learning to quilt with a huge picnic quilt, just say, for example...).

finished afghan folded in quarters
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And equivalently exciting, since I was keeping to my Only Two Yarn Projects at a Time rule*, I finally get to start knitting my Seaweed shawl. So named because that's what I thought of when I saw the pretty yarn that inspired the project:

"Olive waters"
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Less than 10 rows in and I've realised that I probably need more yarn to make it as wide as I'd like. Of course, some of the yarn I bought several years ago is now discontinued. Internet to the rescue I hope!

yarn for my seaweed shawl
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The variety of yarn is so much fun to work with. Lots of soft fibres, and pretty colours... it's really worth buying the loveliest materials you can afford. If you're on ravelry, you can see more details of my projects there.

seaweed shawl on the needles
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* The Only Two Yarn Projects at a Time rule ensures that I actually finish things instead of just hop on to the latest thing I'm excited about. Being inspired is great, but not if it means you never finish anything. And my excitement and inspiration only seems to have grown in the time waiting to get to work on my Seaweed shawl.


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Wow, looks great! Congratulations on finishing the afghan!