17 January 2009

Yarn, lovely yarn

new yarn for my seaweed shawl
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I realised the other day that my seaweed shawl was going to need more yarn than I had, so today I rectified that. I ordered some of the discontinued stuff that inspired the whole project from an online yarn shop in the UK. And then I went yarn shopping with a friend and bought some gorgeous new yarn.

Teal with sparkles
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It was well-timed as I was struggling with some computer issues this morning and was feeling very grumpy. But I didn't think about my computer once after I had walked into the yarn store. All thoughts of anything but my shawl vanished magically. I just looked at colours, petted pretty textures, and had a great deal of fun picking out some more yarn. (Best yet, when I got home, the Computer Fairy -- aka my sweetie -- had fixed everything).

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I wanted another ball of the variegated alpaca that I already had, but I bought 3 new yarns as well, all with some xmas present money. The most luxurious and gorgeous is the silk-camel. It was shockingly pricey, but that's just what xmas money is for, right? So now I'm all set to knit up a storm.

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Glad to hear your computer woes were fixed when you got home!