08 February 2009

Beautiful birthday bunting banner and a Dare

birthday bunting
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With all the birthday celebrating this month, it's not very surprising that I got inspired to make a quick birthday-related project. As if I needed another project on the go ... but this one was done in a few hours over a single day, leading to immense satisfaction.

After much searching this morning (just for this blog post) I found the first tutorial that I was inspired by (which I didn't follow aside from using ribbon). I saw this picture at decor8 shortly after first coming across the tutorial and it just seemed all too cute and easy.

The idea percolated and on Saturday, I pulled out a bunch of bits and pieces to make up a "rainbow" (no new fabric purchased!). I cut out some pairs of triangles with pinking shears and sewed each pair together so that my garland would be double-sided (more fun when hung outside or across the middle of a room). Then I sewed them all to 3m worth of ribbon (though bias tape is another good option), made some loops in the ribbon ends, and hung it up to admire.

Fabric bunting or garlands have been all over the internet. I suspect it's because they're easy and fun to make and are fabulous for using up small bits in your fabric stash. I could see making pretty ones out of all florals or dots or stripes, or whatever pattern or colour you (or your kids) like and having them up all the time. Or making special Christmas ones, or adding letters to add a name or message. Or how about making a long string with buttons and a bunch of triangles with button holes so you can mix and match your garland depending on the occasion or your mood! Lots of fun possibilities! Go create, I dare you!

Update: I wrote up a fabric bunting tutorial with my favourite method.