27 February 2009

Bursting with flavour ... I mean ideas

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Remember the wordplay challenge that I issued? Well, I haven't started anything yet, but tomorrow's the day for me. So far, I've done a bunch of brainstorming of words and phrases that come to mind with the word "burst":
  • bursting with flavour, ideas
  • burst my bubble- balloons, soap
  • burst of laughter, burst into tears - begin suddenly
  • burst into song
  • burst open, burst forth- open, hatch, eggs
  • bursting with news - full, excited
  • starburst, sunburst
  • burst of speed
  • bursting her stays, bursting at the seams -exploding
  • burst pipe - leak, opening, break
Also, apparently granting the wish of some commenters, next week is Green Week. I'll have to see what I can do....