09 February 2009

A Fabric Scrap Drawstring Bag

My quilt generated quite a lot of little bits of fabric (not to mention the tiny leftover bits from my bunting) and I was storing them in a little box. But it was not very convenient to store, nor very pretty.

So, I turned this:

Originally uploaded by allisongryski

Into this:

fabric scrap bag
Originally uploaded by allisongryski

Sitting in front are my remaining quilt squares. I used 3 long strips of fabric out of the scrap box to make the drawstring bag to hold the rest of the scraps. Much prettier!


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Oh, how lovely! As soon as I have enough scaps, I shall make myself a fabric scrap bag.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I like sewing gift bags because then I get to use such fun Christmas-themed fabric. The opportunity to showcase the vignettes in these bags or sometimes on cardstock is too irrestible.

I'm like a magpie when it comes to gold- or silver-highlighted designs. It's hard to resist when I see them discounted 70% after Christmas! But I just *have* to stop buying this fabric until I've committed to sell in a craft fair. Incentive to make a stockpile would help.