03 February 2009

New things for a new month

cityscape card
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A friend asked me to make some cards for her. Inspiration struck and the result was eight new stamps! Partly inspired by that 1960's blocky sort of children's book illustration, I made a set of city and country stamps. Here's an example of the style of 1960's illustration I mean.

red house card
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I made a few extra cards (the ones shown here) which are now in my etsy shop. If you want a set or some particular colours, I'm always happy to take custom requests. You can see the other cards in my Papery set.

purple houses card
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Happy February! Keep your spirits bright in this shortest of months by getting out in the sunshine when you can. I know a little walk on a sunny day, even if it's cold, does wonders for my mood. I'm thinking of buying myself some spring in the form of cut flowers since actual spring is still two-and-a-half months away for me. And to those in climates where it's lovely in February ... thank your lucky little boots and get out and revel in it for the rest of us! (Yes, I'm looking at you, my beach-going friends in NZ!)