09 March 2009

Flowers to beckon Spring

office flowers
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Spring doesn't really show up properly in Montreal until mid-April. We get teased by March with a few nice days here and there, but there's always another snowstorm and chilly day up its sleeve. March is also usually filled with dirty humps of melting snow ... not at all reminiscent of the the velvety soft white it once was. To hold me over until Spring, I buy myself flowers from this little corner shop near the post office. It's not a fancy florist's, but their flowers are reasonably priced and they must be fresh as they always last well. Daisies are one of my most common choices as they're $6.99 for a huge bunch, and they'll last for 3 weeks. This week I splurged on 2 bouquets... a mixed bouquet of purply-pink daisies and a bouquet of some mystery spiky white flowers (I love the texture, no idea what they are).

march house flowers
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So all this is from $15 worth of flowers ... 2 large vases (one in living room, one in kitchen), 3 small vases on the coffee table, 1 small vase in the office/guest room, and 1 small vase on my sewing desk. If you're feeling impatient for spring, treat yourself to some flowers... even the cheap ones will cheer you up!

studio flowers
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Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Flowers id:
they're all chrysanthemums (even the "daisies"). I love the spider 'mums. Your mix of purpley-pink and white is lovely. The price is fantastic. I'm envious. I have a mix of white daisies and ruby carnations right now but in only 2 vases. That cost just over $16 and they've lasted more than 3 weeks. It's something to enjoy while the morning temps are at -29 oC!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks! I had no idea they were all chrysanthemums ... I think I associate that with the more spherical variety of the flower.

I usually split my bunches between little vases since it makes even a small bouquet feel like more. Sometimes I then group all the little vases together, sometimes I scatter them around the house.

Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Your posting comes at a perfect time...I walk into our local Superstore and...voila! there is a whole stand of tulips beckoning me! I am going and buying some this weekend...you have inspired me!
I adore living in Canada, but this winter has been downright nasty!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

oooh! I love tulips! Flowers are such an affordable treat that too many of us wait to be given rather than give to ourselves.

Jac said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous. You're so right how flowers just give you a boost - a little bit of the ooutdoors inside. I too have a couple of vases full of crysanthemums at the moment to cheer myself up. Already I am dreaming about planting seeds! Have a nice weekend!