04 March 2009

Green in different textures

green chair and wall
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So today, I found green in my living/dining room. With a green wall, it's hard not to see green, but the chair is also pale green. And there's some peacock feathers stashed in a vase beside a bookcase... I bought them for some crafty purpose (they're a bit beat up and consequently they were extremely cheap), but the final inspiration has yet to strike. Maybe a flashy hair accesory?

peacock plume
Originally uploaded by allisongryski


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

I love the picture of the chair against the wall. The composition and the colours are so striking!

Jac said... Best Blogger Tips

Gorgeous chair Allison. I love the texture and your green wall is a perfect backdrop. Funy how much green there is everywhere, once you start looking!