06 March 2009

Green Week - Day Five

green books
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The last day of green week is going to be a bit random for me. I decided to raid the bookshelf again for some delicious green books since I had a lot of fun with books during yellow week. And this morning, without even thinking about it, I tied a green ribbon in my hair. I was tidying up the tray on my dresser and rather than putting it away with the other ribbons, I decided to make a headband out of it. So in that spirit, here is an arrangement with the ribbon and some other crafty bits that were scattered about:

green inspiration
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Some other green I saw this week, but not through my camera lens... the green copper roof of the cathedral next to my office building (It's a funny coincidence, but both offices I've worked at in downtown Montreal have had beautiful old churches next to them.), a telephone pole with a strange green hue, the pipes in the metro, and various shades of green stair railings in my neighbourhood.

I've gotten the sweetest comments from visitors to my blog this week and it has really made me smile. Thank you for making it so much fun to play along with everyone.

And I'll finish with the kind of green that I'm dreaming about ... leaves!. These are some pictures from last spring and summer...

hiding under a leaf
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Have a lovely weekend!


Amy said... Best Blogger Tips

Allison, I love your posts! The book stacks are a great idea!
Have a great weekend, too!

Jac said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Allison, I love your stack of green books - they make for a lovely photo. Looks like we all had fun in green week. Now I'm going to be tuned into spotting green everywhere!