03 March 2009

Squeaky Clean Green

dish soap (aka "green")
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I decided to start the week in my kitchen, at the sink. We actually call the dish soap "green" as opposed to referring to a particular brand-name. It's not "we need more dish soap", it's "we need more green". It somehow got dubbed that by some roommates in university and it's stuck ... so we wash our dishes with "green".

The bottle is a lemonade bottle that we shoved a pouring spout (from the restaurant supply store) into.

green dish scrubbies
Originally uploaded by allisongryski


Jac said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi Allison, I found my way to your blog through Emily and green week. It seems there is so much greeny goodness everywhere. I love your photo - it looks so fresh and I love all the little bluey green squares. Lovely!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm visiting from green week too. Loved your "green" today on flickr, and scrolled down to see that yours were some of my favorites for yellow week too. Hi!