22 May 2009

Of books and shells and empty shelves

bookshelf arrangement
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I got some new bookshelves and finally (temporarily, I'm sure) have enough space to make some pretty little arrangements. The above is my very favourite one. The shelves are just the classic IKEA Billy shelves with glass doors. But I did replace the knobs with some pretty blue ceramic ones that I've had since I bought them for an apartment I lived in during university which had no knobs on the drawers.

pretty shelves
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I haven't been creating much lately and thus, the lack of blog entries. Hopefully there will be more to share soon. I have my "shadow" project to complete this weekend, along with getting some gardening done. And with new shelves that allow me to tidily store all my fabric, surely that will just make me want to pull it out and make a mess!

library wall
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