12 June 2009

Rather a lot of cakes

pretty cakes
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One of the strange things about engaging in a creative activity, is that sometimes, I feel inspired and compelled to make something without really knowing why or where it's going (if anywhere). Of late, I've found myself rather obsessed with drawing little fancy dessert spreads. I have NO idea why or what I'm meant to do with these drawings. Dear mysterious mind, please enlighten me as to what's going on in my subconscious!

more pretty cakes
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I tried painting one in watercolours instead of colouring it with pencil crayon. Still no answers. Maybe I should try painting one in oils? I'm feeling intimidated by my oil paints. Perhaps starting with something frivolous like a lot of fancy jellies and cakes is the way to go? So far, this inspiration is highly confusing.

fancy cakes and fruit
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Any other creative types reading this have any idea how to channel apparently random inspiration into something more directed? In the meantime, it's starting to make me crave a fancy afternoon tea...

fancy dessert buffet
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Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

Your cakes are lovely and they are making me hungry! I say break out the oils and give them a try. I have it on very good authority that they are much easier that watercolours - and I believe it, because watercolours are *hard* (for me, anyway!)

Think of the textures you could get in the icing with oils!

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

Oils, mmm, yes, on little 5x7" boards. Jan is right, all that texture to represent the icing and the cherries on top!
And wouldn't they would make wonderful tiles for a kitchen ceramic trim?

Perhaps they'll lend themselves to some new stamp carving and cards for Etsy...
*scurries off to check Etsy account*