28 July 2009

Better late than never

Fira Box
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I just realised that I posted this picture on my flickr stream, but never mentioned it here. Back when I was still a cube dweller, I bought an IKEA "fira" mini chest of drawers. I never got around to putting it together for my cube, but ended up doing so while cleaning out the cupboard in my studio. I decoupaged on some paper found when I was paring down on the wrapping supplies and filled it with assorted art supplies that I wanted easily accessible.

While these little drawers are super useful, and a perennial favourite amongst IKEA hackers, they were a huge pain to put together. The nails would not hammer into the material well and in my inexpert hammering, I kept bending them. Despite 5 extra nails in the package, I still had to resort to using some of my own. I must admit to calling it a Beastly Box a few times and taking breaks hoping it would be easier each time I came back to it. Now, of course, I'm pleased with the cute result, but I don't think I'd buy another one.

And for those not counting (I wasn't), this appears to be my 100th post. I'm thinking this is only significant because we happen to have a base 10 counting system, but I noticed it when looking at the list of posts to find the cube one and thought I'd mention it. Maybe I'll do some sort of list of 101 things for the next post. 101 cakes? 101 things I find inspiring? 101 links? 101 drawings? Well, we'll just have to wait and see. Yes, me too, I'm typing this as I think about it, so no clear ideas or promises yet.

23 July 2009

Pretty things in purple

Thrifty Purple Finds
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Despite the distinctly grey and rainy "summer" that we've been having in Montreal, I haven't been much in the mood for blogging. I've been twittering little nothings instead, extolling the virtues of bixi mostly. Yesterday I finally pulled out my oil paints and got started re-learning how to use them. Today I went to the thrift stores to see about finding a suitable old shirt to use as a smock, but instead I came away with pretty things in purple: A dressy sort of blazer, a purple bobble necklace, and some vintage buttons. I almost got a purple polka-dotted scarf at the first shop too, until I noticed it had some stains.

Vintage buttons
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The necklace and buttons came from the church bazaar at Mont-Royal and St-Hubert. It has quite a lot of sewing notions and some bins of old patterns. It's also where I got one of the pillow cases that I used in my quilt. And, in a funny coincidence, where I found the skirt that I'm wearing today (for $3). The blazer came from the friperie Retromania just down the street on Mont-Royal. Not as cheap as the church bazaar, but definitely higher quality stuff when it comes to the clothing. It's the usual thrift store trade-off ... if it's "curated", you're more likely to find something nice, but it's not going to be as cheap. The other thrift store I wanted to visit, on Gilford, appears to be closed for summer holidays until August 4. But it's another place I found a great $3 skirt. Perhaps tomorrow I'll check out the Salvation Army on Notre-Dame and see if I can find a smock. Or you know, maybe something else purple.

10 July 2009

480 squares is a lot!

Picnic Quilt Top!
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Nearly a year after I finished the back for my picnic quilt, and I've finally finished the top ... all 480 squares of it. Yay! Now to sort out how I'm going to quilt it ....