10 July 2009

480 squares is a lot!

Picnic Quilt Top!
Originally uploaded by allisongryski

Nearly a year after I finished the back for my picnic quilt, and I've finally finished the top ... all 480 squares of it. Yay! Now to sort out how I'm going to quilt it ....


Unknown said... Best Blogger Tips

It's absolutely beautiful! Do you know what you're going to use as batting? I've had a fair amount of success with "stitch-in-the-ditch" quilting on my regular sewing machine, then you could add some extra quilted embellishments by hand, if you wanted to.

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

I have some "Warm & Natural" old-fashioned cotton quilt batting and I plan to quilt in straight lines since it's already going to be complicated enough dealing with that big sandwich of fabric. However, the bit I have to figure out is if I'm going to pin or hand-baste it to get it into the sandwich I can start to quilt.

Almathea said... Best Blogger Tips

Bravo! Congratulations on getting it all done. It looks lovely.