18 August 2009

Back from holiday

Prince Edward Point
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I am back from nearly 2 weeks of holiday in the countryside. It was wonderfully relaxing to visit family and be away from the city for a bit. I didn't miss my computer at all, though I did miss my sweetie who could only join me for part of the trip. Thinking of him, I picked up heart shaped stones along this lovely pebble beach.

Heart Stones
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I absolutely adore the beach. When I was little, we lived just a short walk from a wonderfully rocky beach. The kind that's best for poking about and exploring and turning over rocks to see what's underneath. I can spend ages watching waves curl in and splash, a little differently every time. Something in me, despite having lived away from the seashore for so long, is still inextricably drawn to it. An afternoon at this beach, followed by a picnic on a rock shelf nearby (perfect for paddling one's feet in the water from) was really an absolutely perfect way to spend a summer's day.

Yesterday, my first day back in Montreal, was the usual laundry and errands day that follows a holiday. I bixi'd downtown in the morning, and despite the mostly downhill ride, was melting by the time I got there. Montreal decided to greet our return with the first truly sweltering day this year ... it was 41°C with the humidity. We went to see Julie/Julia in the evening, mostly to enjoy the air conditioning in the theatre (though we both enjoyed the Julia Child part of the film too). We walked home in the cooler evening and paused for some refreshing lemon sorbet. More holiday stories to follow as I upload the rest of my pictures...

Heart Stone
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Barbara Prime said... Best Blogger Tips

I am envious! I love the beach too, especially the sea shore. Sadly, we won't get a holiday this year, what with buying a house, visiting family, and new arrivals any day now.

Josie Iselin said... Best Blogger Tips

yes the beach is pretty great..and stones can't be beat...I even made a book just of Heart Stones...not sure you've seen it. I have a new book coming out next Spring titled The Beach: A Book of Treasure...I think you might like it....let me know your e-mail and I'll put you on the list to keep posted. Hope the feeling of the waves and pebbles lingers into the fall

best treasure hunting

Josie Iselin