27 September 2009

Patchwork projects

Monet's Garden patchwork
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Naturally, as progress is made on my picnic quilt (half done the quilting!), the more new ideas and projects occur to me. Right now, I'm really wanting to make a large patchwork cushion cover to replace the boring navy-blue IKEA one that I've had since university days. I recently ordered the "very blueberry" bundle of fabrics from the oh-so-craftily-talented rosehip, so I pulled a bunch of those new-to-me fabrics out along with a few things from my stash, and thus was born my plan for the Monet's Garden patchwork pillow.

very blueberry bundle
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And since I was already digging through fabric, I couldn't resist putting together a little set I call "Strawberry Surprise". I'm not sure what (if anything) I'll do with the latter, but it was fun to just play.

strawberry surprise
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