09 January 2010

The Finished Quilt (and The Green Chair)

Finished Quilt!

As planned, I finished my quilt over Christmas. It went much quicker than I expected, actually. A couple days snuggled into The Green Chair, and all the hand-sewing was finished. (I found the description and pictures on this tutorial very helpful.) The Green Chair lives in the country home of my in-laws. It is where I learned to crochet and knit and where many a project (and book) has been started or finished. The Green Chair is also an exceptionally good spot for a nap. The views were very grey and blue and white over our Christmas holiday, making it appealing to stay cozy under a quilt and do a bit of hand-sewing.

Wintery View of Hay Bay in Mist

The quilt has now arrived with us in Amsterdam and was the first thing out of my bag to turn our temporary hotel-apartment into somewhere home-like. Not to mention making the twin beds with the Dreaded Gap seem a little less separate! Having our own pillows was also so worth it, despite how stuffed our luggage was. More about our Adventures in Amsterdam to soon follow!

bed at Htel suite in Amstelveen

Photographs by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.


Susan M, Fibre Arts said... Best Blogger Tips

The quilt is so homey, I love patchwork-with-memories. I am quite inspired by your project.

What is your next project, once you are established?