17 February 2010

Mini-update in a brief blip of wireless

Tulips in the Afternoon

I haven't forgotten about this little blog of mine, but I am mostly internet-free at the moment. I've been snapping pictures with my iPhone though (that phone is the only reason I'm not going through crazy email withdrawl). Our apartment is starting to look a little bit home-y in spots.

Dining with Tulips

I'll be back with more thoughts on our expat adventures and life in Amsterdam once our internet is set up (it apparently takes about a month, so hopefully any day now...).


Mark Cote said... Best Blogger Tips

What ISP are you going with, out of curiosity?

ninainvorm said... Best Blogger Tips

Great, you have my favorite IKEA chairs! (I have two of those as well! ;)) Love the flowers in that jug!

Allison said... Best Blogger Tips

Mark: KPN. Who did you use?

Nina: Thanks, the jug is by Green Gate.

Mark Cote said... Best Blogger Tips

I originally signed up with a DSL company (can't remember who exactly), but it took them so long to set us up (literally several months) that I gave up and went with the cable company. The cable company has the added bonus that (due to Dutch law) you can break your contract with no penalties if you move to somewhere they don't service--so I could move back to Canada without worrying about the contract.