24 March 2010

All the world seems in tune...

Purple crocuses

I love Spring. I think it's probably from living on the West Coast as a small child (which is also the source of my love of rocky beaches, mossy and damp forests, and the ocean). Spring is supposed to start in February. But after the age of 6, I've spent most of my Springs in places where Spring dawdles in around mid-April or early May. And then it's usually around for about 20 seconds before it decides to be Summer. Montreal was like that. We had glorious long Autumns, but fleeting Springs.

White and Yellow crocuses

So I am absolutely savouring every moment of the long and glorious Spring in Amsterdam. Several weeks ago I started seeing crocuses and snowdrops and this past weekend I saw some daffodils. It's also been Spring-y inside lately with some hyacinths. If you're wanting a bit of Spring and it's not what's outside your window, treat yourself to some beautiful flowers!

Vase of Hyacinths

Or just draw some. I drew on the envelope of a letter I sent recently. Email is very convenient, but the tangibility of a real letter is always a treat. My Mom, in particular, has been spoiling me with lots of little postcards (some of them seen propped against the mirror in the photo above). Whenever I think of how fun it is to get Real Mail, I always think I should send more of it. Perhaps visiting exotic new places will encourage me to follow through!

Envelope Embellishment