25 June 2010

Desperate measures


I've started accompanying some of these paintings with little one sentence stories. This one allowed me to be exceptionally silly. So silly that I needed an extra sentence.
The nefarious baker had to resort to desperate measures to prevent the heroes from stealing his cake and eating it too. The Nefarious Baker was an Evil Ovenlord who ruled with a heart of Ice (Cream)!

For some reason, my pen wanted to run rather more than usual on this painting. I suspect it's just not that waterproof, so I may have to find a new pen for using with paints. Too bad since I really like the feel of drawing with this one. One gets very picky about art supplies. I noticed this when I was trying to replace my small sketchbook (it's full) and didn't like any of the options. I love that's it's square, since it feels less cramped than a rectangle, but it's still small. Also, while I like the look of bound sketchbooks, I prefer coils so that I can open it fully flat with no fuss.

Photographs by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.