08 June 2010

An outing to the Amstelpark


Last Saturday we biked out to the Amstelpark. It was a glorious summer day, sunny and warm, but not too warm. For keeping score on the cheesy-tourist-sights list, we were pleasantly surprised to see an old-fashioned windmill right next to the park. But the real reason we went was that I had read about the park having a showy "Rhododendron valley" and I wanted to see it before the Rhododendrons were done for the year. They were perhaps a bit past their prime, but lots of lovely flowers still to be seen.

The Rhododendron valley is only one small part of the Amstelpark. There are lots of little paths and different types of gardens. Some areas are more cultivated and others seem to be untended woodland.

water garden

After some wandering and a visit to the ice cream stall (I had lemon and strawberry), I settled on a bench to draw and read, while D studied Dutch. I did some scribbles of the ducks, but they were mostly moving around too much, so instead I did a drawing assignment based on the word "regal".


The park is closed to bicycles and it was much, much less busy than the Vondelpark. These two factors made it a tranquil getaway within the city. We took a circuitous route home and biked up along the Amsteldijk. I'd love to follow the waterway down the other way, since to judge by google maps, we'd quickly be out in farmland. Here are the rest of my photos from our Amstelpark outing.

red poppy

Photographs by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.