03 October 2010

A Hat for Woodland Walks

My Woodland Hat in Holland

Something I have been doing more of lately is knitting. When we moved to Amsterdam I only brought my felt cloche winter hat, nothing knitted. I soon realised my mistake: mostly it's not that cold here and knitted hats can be shoved in a pocket or bag or sleeve. Our first few months were too busy to think about hat knitting much, but I did find a pattern on ravelry and filed it away. The other day I finally bought the appropriate needles, grabbed a ball of yarn from my stash (a lovely hand-dyed alpaca fibre) and knitted it shockingly quickly (for me at least). Just two days after I started it, I already have my hat. It's a gorgeous 22°C today, so I actually only wore the hat for the picture.

Woodland Hat in Holland

It's a sort of floppy beret style, which is perfect for being able to fit over my hair when it's up in a bun. The hat did turn out a little looser than I expected, so I'll probably cast on fewer stitches next time I make this pattern. Here's my ravelry project page.

The astute observers might notice a hint of another project on-the-go in the first picture. I expect to move on to the next stage of that project in the spring. That's one reason this blog has been a bit quieter of late. Also, I got tired of uploading pictures from holidays (Italy, Paris, London) so I've decided to just not worry about it for now. I'll get them all up eventually.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.


Susan M, Fibre Arts said... Best Blogger Tips

A lovely woodland picture! I love your outfit, too.

Highland Monkey's said... Best Blogger Tips

Lovely colours for a beret. What colour are you going to do the next one?

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

What a great fall look!!