06 November 2010

Some sewing and knitting

I may not have a sewing machine yet, but I did do a little hand-sewing to close up the rice bag that I shipped over. I did most of the sewing back in Montreal, but left a little opening so I could fill it with rice here in Amsterdam. Since it's definitely started feeling like Fall around here, I thought it was time to have something cozy for the toes. The adorable penguin cover is made from the leg of some old, worn-out pyjamas.

rice bag cover

I've also been doing a little knitting on a small sweater for the bun in the oven. I just need to do the sleeves, but I've stalled since I have to go buy DPNs and then learn how to use them. However, it's come together quite well so far considering it's the most complicated thing I've ever knitted. I'm looking forward to choosing buttons since I'm planning rummage through my jars full of mixed buttons.

just the sleeves to go!


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I didn't know you were expecting - congratulations! (I just went back and I hadn't seen your woodland announcement).

And the pillow looks extra warm with that cover.