26 February 2011

A visit to Paris: Food & Fashion

I thought it fitting to start my Paris holiday retrospective with two of the things Paris is best known for: food and fashion.

Thoughts on food: We had a lovely time eating our way around Paris. We tried little cafes and bistros, had picnics in various parks, and had a fantastic meal at a Michelin-starred bistro on our anniversary.

Thoughts on fashion: There really is something to the way Parisians dress. They seem very good at the effortless, comfortable look that is also chic.

On to some pictures ....

window of tartes

There were tempting patisserie windows everywhere. One thing I particularly noticed was the variety of treats. Montreal has tasty patisseries, but they all mostly carry similar items. In Paris, each shop clearly had its own specialties.

At Café Angelina in Paris

On rue de Rivoli, you will always see a big line-up outside this cafe. It's worth the wait. These little tartes citron were amazing (and the hot chocolate that they're famous for is pretty yummy too).

veggies at the market

We enjoyed wandering around a farmer's market on our last morning in Paris. We tried some yummy items that we could eat on the go (a huge apple, some scrumptious raspberries, and a delicious hot za'atar bread). Next time, I definitely want to stay somewhere with a kitchen so we could shop at the markets properly.

Old Parisian couple

I thought this elderly Parisian couple with their shopping basket presented a sweet image.

Parisian Fashion Model

We even saw a real model in Paris, getting set up for a shoot along the Seine. I felt my most embarrassedly touristy getting pictures of her, but it was such a classic Paris moment, that I'm glad we did.

the ubiquitous striped shirt

I always thought the striped shirt thing must be exaggerated, but we saw people wearing them everywhere. Clearly it truly is a fashion staple.

You can see all the photos from our holiday in my trip to Paris set.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.