28 February 2011

A visit to Paris: Fountains and Flowers

I continue my Paris holiday retrospective with a few pictures of fountains and bits of gardens that I especially liked. Old European cities like Paris seem to be filled with these pretty details.

Mythical Fountain Creature

The Fontaine St-Michel had these wonderful mythical creatures spouting water.

At the Jardin du Luxembourg

I loved the flower plantings in the Jardin du Luxembourg. I thought the colour scheme and mixture of textures was beautiful.

fountain in Jardin du Luxembourg

This fountain in the shade was also in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

Fountain in Paris

This fountain was near the Centre Pompidou.

Lion and Flower Pot Parade

I spotted this "parade" led by a stone lion in the Jardin du Luxembourg.

You can see all the photos from our holiday in my trip to Paris set.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.