18 February 2011

A visit to Pisa

I realised that I never got around to writing anything about our holiday in Italy last August. I finally got all the photos uploaded by early January, though, so I thought I'd do a couple posts with some of my favourites. This one is the highlights from our visit to Pisa.


One surprising thing in Pisa is that the leaning tower looks way more leaning in person than any of our pictures could capture.

Roof of the Baptistry in Pisa

Visiting the Piazza dei Miracoli is best in the early morning and at sunset. It's not only cooler (we were there in August), but much less busy than in the middle of the day.

Cathedral Detail

I didn't really know about the other buildings in the Piazza dei Miracoli until we got there, but they're all beautiful.

Old City Wall in Pisa

Even the old city wall is quite picturesque!

Empty Pots

I visited the Orto Botanico (the Botanical Gardens) in the late morning and it was very atmospheric (also inexpensive, cool despite the heat of the day, and almost deserted except for the mosquitoes!) There was a sort of desultory gardener wandering about. I had glimpses of him talking on his mobile phone and occasionally snipping at something with pruning shears.

Old Wheelbarrow

It felt more like I was visiting some ancient and slightly shabby estate grounds. It was very different from the manicured botanical gardens I'm used to. I actually loved the vaguely neglected atmosphere of it and the way it felt so secluded from the city surrounding it.

Warning: Pond

This tiny warning sign made me laugh as the pond was not disguised or hidden in any way.

You were warned about the pond

You were warned about the pond!

Shuttered Windows of Pisa

There really are shutters on all the windows, just like you see in films set in Tuscany.

Worn building in Pisa

There's even buildings with facades that have crumbled in a pretty way.

Along the river Arno

And curving views of Tuscan architecture along the river.

Since my sweetie was at a conference in Pisa, we spent several days there, but it could very reasonably be visited in a single day. You can see all my pictures in my trip to Italy set, but I'll also be posting about some more of the highlights.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.