23 February 2011

A visit to Rome - Part 2

As promised in Rome - Part 1, I have a few of the simpler scenes of Rome to share.

View at Lunch

We tried to avoid the most touristy cafes in Rome and found our way to those a little farther from the hotspots. One day we had lunch in a little side street with a charming view.

chess in Rome

I always like spotting some of the ordinary life going on when I'm in a touristy place. I thought these two gentlemen playing chess under a tree in the afternoon was lovely.

water fountain

These water fountains were everywhere in Rome and they are fabulous. It was nice not to have to feel that we either had to ration our water nor that we had to buy bottled water. The water was freezing cold and we refilled our water bottle A LOT.

corner shrine

I spotted several of these little corner shrines throughout our visit to Italy.

Roman Invader

To contrast with the old, there's also the new. I've been enjoying spotting space invaders throughout our travels in Europe. This one was just outside the Vatican City.

The Best Gelato in the World

No visit to Rome (and certainly not one in August) would be complete without gelato! If you try no other gelato in Italy, you shouldn't miss San Crispino. While all the various gelatos we had were delicious (the lime one in Pisa was another highlight), San Crispino's gelato is outstanding. We later went back and had the raspberry flavour too and it truly tasted exactly like eating a fresh raspberry ... it was incredible.

You can see all my pictures from Rome in my trip to Italy set.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.