16 February 2011

A walk in the park

leaning tree

I took a walk in the park today and these are some of the things I saw.

texgtured mossy roots

I don't think I can properly express how much I love spring in February.

tiny bobbly yellow flowers

After years of finding February and March incredibly dreary with that never-ending-winter feeling, I can promise you that I'm not taking the weather in Amsterdam for granted!

draped tree

At my current rather waddling pace, I enjoyed spotting all the different textures in the park.

ropey trees

There's no showy flowers yet to steal one's attention from the subtler details.

spiky seedheads

It was a beautiful day.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.


scjody said... Best Blogger Tips

Wow, that's amazing! I can't wait for spring here!