04 October 2011

Sewing projects of late

I've been on a bit of sewing kick lately. I first unpacked my sewing machine in order to line the Wee Lass's curtains so they'd block the light better during naps. Then I received a fabulous baby quilt for the Wee Lass and couldn't help but be inspired. Having a baby has been giving me lots of ideas for things to make, but not a lot of time. My sewing tends to happen in many small increments over naptimes. So far, I've made a fabric book and a tag square toy.

Octopus Prototype

The latest project is this octopus. This is actually a prototype as I'm still working out the pattern and construction. I may (eventually) post a tutorial once I refine it. The end result is still pretty cute though and the Wee Lass definitely enjoys chewing on it.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.