01 October 2011

Tutorial: Sew a Tag Square Baby Toy

Tag Square

The ribbon for the snap closure on the fabric scrap book is the Wee Lass's favourite bit to chew, so I thought I'd make a snap-free tag square toy. Before I had a little one, I'd have wondered how this scrap of fabric and trims could be interesting, but really, anything with bits to hold and that she can put in her mouth is currently a popular toy. Conveniently, it's a project you can finish during a single naptime.

  • 2 same-size squares of fabric
  • Assorted trims, ribbons, or strips of fabric
  • Some polyester filling

Tag Square Materials

Step 1: Design and Pin your Tag Square

Tag Square Step 1

Cut various lengths of trim, ribbon, or strips of fabric to form your tags. If you're using strips of fabric, you'll need to finish the raw edges somehow so that they don't fray during the no-doubt-frequent washings (or sew little tubes so the raw edge is inside). Fold each tag in half (with the right side facing out), and pin in between your two squares of fabric (with right sides of fabric together). I did 3 tags per side. Leave a good bit of space near the corners to account for the seam allowance and don't pin the tag(s) in the middle of one side, so that you have a gap for flipping the whole thing right side out.

Step 2: Sew Tag Square Together

Tag Square Step 2

Sew around your tag square, leaving a good gap for turning. Strongly backstitch on either side of this space. I also backstitched over each tag, to ensure that they were extra secure. When you're finished sewing, turn your square the right side out, and iron it flat.

Step 3: Filling your Tag Square

Tag Square Step 3

Now you need to stuff your square. Take a small bit of filling and stretch it out thinly until it's nearly the size of your square. Then stuff it inside and spread it out.

Step 4: Finishing your Tag Square

Tag Square Step 4

Now pin the tag(s) that you left off from your gap for turning, and sew them to one side of the opening. Now that they're fixed in place, quilt your square. This will hold the batting in place. Make sure that you run at least one line of stitching down along the opening to close it up. I used a square spiral pattern, working from the middle out.

That's it! I wondered whether it was worth writing a tutorial for this at all since it's super simple, but I figure that beginners, tired new parents, or parents-to-be might find it helpful. If you make a tag square baby toy inspired by this tutorial, I'd love to see it! Please add your pictures to my flickr group.

Tag Square Baby Toy

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.