06 May 2012

Studio Sunday

Today was my first "Studio Sunday", also known as "Daddy-Daughter Day". My two sweeties went out to the park and grocery store while I got to have some time on my own to create.

Beginnings of Bunting

I started a project that I've been thinking about since before the Wee Lass was born.... Some pretty bunting. I originally planned to put it in her room, but I think it may end up in the living room. One of the things we couldn't reasonably bring with us overseas was our art, and our plain white walls are looking especially bare since I took down the star garland after New Year's.

I still have several more flags to make before I assemble the bunting. It was a glorious couple hours playing with my fabric. The plan is to have Studio Sunday every other week, and I'm looking forward to that time especially reserved for creative pursuits. Laundry is to be strictly ignored!

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.