20 May 2012

Zippered pouch in progress

Owl zippered pouch

The results of today's time in my studio are a few more flags for my bunting and most of a zippered pouch. Also I did some boring repairs on pyjamas. This was my first go at a zippered pouch and my first go with the zipper foot on this sewing machine. It was much less of an ordeal than I'd been expecting. Why do all us amateur sewists have such an irrational fear of the zipper? I've only used them a couple times, but both instances have been pretty easy in the end.

I am following this advice for making a zip pouch with neat corners, so I still have some hand sewing to finish it off. This zipper end finishing bit is rather more fiddly than fun. I am tempted to make one the quickie way (just sewing all the way around in one go) and see how it turns out for comparison. If I do, I'll post side-by-side pics of the two pouches.

Today's other accomplishments include making and eating (with some help) a rhubarb-strawberry-apple cobbler. Yum!

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.