12 November 2012

Introducing Gabrielle

I made the Wee Lass a dolly! I used the cute "I love Paris" doll kit by Miko Design that I saw in a Dutch magazine. We named her Gabrielle.


It was really a quick sew, including all the little accessories. These are set aside until the Wee Lass is a little bigger.

Gabrielle's accessories

For now she has her Eiffel tower and souvenir bag. We also like to use some of our play food, in particular this wooden chèvre.

Gabrielle's chevre

A fun discovery was how easy it is to make an elastic waist skirt. I already have plans to make some skirts for the Wee Lass come spring and summer.

Photographs and artwork by Allison Gryski. © All rights reserved.


erika said... Best Blogger Tips

She looks really nice and I love the little cheese ;-)